Real Estate Investing 101 - Finding Motivated Sellers

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One of the most important ingredients of a successful Real Estate deal is a motivated investor. I have found through past experience that there are a few quick tips that can make or break most any deal.

First, finding a motivated seller is not always as easy as you think. When we talk about motivated - we're usually referring to someone who needs cash, pretty quickly. While, I never like to take advantage of someone, a motivated seller will usually be willing to sell their property for a little less then market value, simply to get rid of it quicker.

So how do you find motivated sellers? Think about the life experiences and which ones may cause a person to need money in a hurry. Here are a few that come to mind.

Divorce: often times in divorce, the seller needs to liquidate their assets and split the money. Smart real estate investors can often find good values where both they and the seller benefit.

Death: Well death is inevitable, and often times the death of a partner means that the surviving spouse needs or just wants to downsize.

Education and Empty Nesters: A college education is expensive; often parents of college age teens will sell a vacation home, or maybe even their primary residence in order to help cover the tuition cost. These same people may find themselves with too much space once the kids are out of the house and wish to simplify their lives. Again, all of these reasons make for motivated sellers.

To locate these people find groups in your local area that cater to any of these life changing events and get involved. They may offer a newsletter that you can advertise in or possible you could simply arrange to make a presentation at one of their meetings. In any event, motivated sellers are out there, it's just a matter of looking for them.

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Real Estate Investing 101 - Finding Motivated Sellers

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This article was published on 2010/03/26